Our list of clients ranges from DAX 100 Corporations to sole proprietorships with less than 10 employees, from well-known automobile manufacturers to mechanical engineering firms. Our current expertise lies in the automotive, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, but we are prepared to research your industry and tailor-make a program to fit the needs of your company and employees.

Daimler AG
"Keren Pickard's instruction form is one-of-a-kind. The training is very diverse, customer-oriented and tailor-made to the participant's individual needs. With the mix of discussions, modern and traditional study methods, computer-aided learning and learning games, the language learning is always fun and thereby very effective. Keren Pickard's program is for all who would like to complete a successful English training. I think it's the best way to learn English."
Wolfgang Völker, Business Economist
Gummiwerk KRAIBURG GmbH und Co. KG
"This is how cooperation works, and it's fun, too! Whether I needed tailor-made, personal language coaching for my assignments abroad, translation of materials I used with technical experts or her assistance and participation in an internationally represented Train-The-Trainer program, Keren Pickard is at home with everything. She is easily able to understand language weaknesses and deals with things directly and professionally. Her lessons are dynamic and she is personally interested not only in intensifying existing skills but in bringing excitement into the process. Her language trainings and technically demanding translations are the best I have ever experienced."
Udo Golka, Customer Training and Education Management
mbo Osswald GmbH & Co KG
"The experience and knowledge we got in the seminar helped us a lot in the meetings we had. We like to thank Keren Pickard again for her great advice and help."
Daniel Fleuchaus, Sales Promotion and Marketing Management
Reemtsma GmbH
"The best training I can imagine! I have had several different trainers from different schools (domestic and abroad) and Keren Pickard is absolutely the best of all of them. Sensitive to individual needs, absolutely customer oriented and extremely flexible. In other words: Her training is worth every penny!"
Stephan Patrick Tahy, Sales Director
"Why change? Keren Pickard had already convinced me during my time at KRAIBURG. Her established methods, expert knowledge and her ability to become quickly familiarized with new topics were the basis for my decision to involve her in the translation of my webpage. A translator does more than simply turning one language into another. It involves understanding what's meant and finding exactly the right words in the other language to bring things to life. Keren Pickard can do that."
Udo Golka , Trainer and Consultant