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Does your busy schedule prevent you from actively improving your English skills?  Are you already fluent enough to communicate, but just need a little time with a native speaker to “keep things fresh” and build your confidence in all aspects of conversation?
PLS Coaching provides you with a customized, one-to-one training experience, with less focus on the basics of the language and more on the idiomatic and everyday language you deal with in your business.  Together with the trainer, you define your own personal goals and needs, and we create lessons that are guaranteed to be relevant and interesting, with the goal of helping you master every aspect of English conversation.  Should you need to prepare a presentation in English, chair a meeting with international partners, or just talk about the upcoming soccer championship, your trainer is there to provide you with lively and educated conversation and suggestions.

We provide a free personal assessment before beginning your coaching process, which gives you and your trainer the opportunity to get to know one another.  For more information or to schedule a free assessment, contact us!                     terms and conditions for coachings